The East Anglian Ambulance Service in the UK must be thrilled at the promotion they’ve been getting for the “In Case of Emergency” campaign. But this is a great idea, and if ICE is to be the phrase then ICE it is.

Help out in a crisis – with ICE

The basic concept is that we all have an entry in our mobile phone address book (and our home phones) with the person we’d want contacted in an emergency. Effectively our “next of kin”, except they should be local, rather than legal.

If it’s adopted by the community it would be great – and I can see that it would help in those instances when you can’t help yourself.


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  1. July 18, 2005

    Our local St Johns Ambulance service have issued a statement supporting ICE. So, New Zealanders, update your phones and help St Johns to help you – although fingers crossed you never need either!

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