Hitting back at the Internet’s Integral Problem

Back in the days when I worked for Case Communications (long since renamed) we set up private networks for companies that were dedicated. Around the time I left in ’87 we were introducing “clouds” for shared bandwidth and connections – early internets. But they were still private and managed by a company you would have a contract with.


Now we have this amazing thing call the internet with hubs all around the world that your request for information must pass through on it’s way to the server that hosts the site.

As an end user I have a contract with my local ISP to connect me to the cloud but how can they be responsible for any problems I may encounter in my search for information and entertainment?

Right now I’m having problems connecting to digitalpoint.com, php.net, this site, and alexshay.com. I’ve used a cool traceroute tool called WinMTR to identify that the problem resides at TelstraClear at this hop: at-0-0-1-300.jb1.wils.telstraclear.net.

That’s great information. I know where TelstraClear are and I can go pound on their door. But the problem with php.net is different – and I don’t intend to harrass every company whose hops need a reboot.

Which leads to the main question – who is responsible and who do we let them know when there’s a problem?

I’ve started with my ISP, Maxnet, but they don’t have a contract (necessarily) with the hop owner. It’ll be interesting to see how I get this resolved.


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