– heard of them? heard from them?

Years ago I encountered a company called NBD and posted my very popular thread NBO – National Business Online.

I was alerted recently that they’ve started up two new websites: and It’s an ambitious project given that the Herald have their search4jobs and there’s dominating the market.
The good news is that they appear to be trying to make a legitimate business and I’ve seen billboards around town promoting the website.

The bad news (according to Melinda) is that their sales techniques haven’t changed.

So, I was wondering, are there any other New Zealand (or Australian) companies with first hand experiences?


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  1. Carl Prendergaast
    January 24, 2008

    These guys rang me 5 times in one day by three different people trying to sell their services. I suggested that they send through some details and I would have a look. The email arrived some days later from someone called Stewart who started his email saying that it was nice chatting to me. I had never spoken to him. I sent an email back saying thanks for the email but I hadnt spoken to him. I then got someone ringing me every ten minutes to clarify the email I had sent. I advised I was in a meeting and to call back 2 hours later. She then proceeded to ring my receptionist telling her to get me to call her back, then rang me on my mobile 15 minutes after I had told her not to call back until 2pm. I can tell you now, we wont be going near them with a barge pole. Totally unprofessional and somewhat desperate I felt

  2. September 2, 2008

    Hi Sarah,
    I read the article on the TVNZ website you pointed out. At our work we receive at least a fax per day from the NBO and have received several calls from them too with their special offer.

    Last week one of our marketing team asked if we could sign up because we had had over 579 hits from the last ad…. which was paid for in 2003 (not infonews but another entitiy)btw.

    So i did the math, and checked our stats for refferals, NBO has never sent a single referral to our sites! so based on this knowledge the referrals are useless and if you compare it to google ads their whole business model fails.

    My biggest concern is the comment in the article about the “several hundred thousand per month” who visit the NBO site. Any one who has a web based business will know exatcly how many vistors they get on any given day or even hour! Anyone who makes these vague claims is full of Sh*t or is hiding some thing, most likely lower figures!

    As far as the sales process goes, when they call, I just hang up, we have now blocked their faxes and have blacklisted their email and domain on our mailmarshall.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent on this subject!!

  3. June 26, 2009

    I am advised that Jobleader is no longer operating and that this company has been struck off the Companies Register.

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