Link Vault for Mambo / Joomla

I’ve been using Link Vault on this blog and another site for while and the system seems to work well. I hadn’t put it on my hobby site because I hadn’t taken the time to create a module to place it on the site. However the site has a stack of pages so lots of opportunity to increase my vaultage.

I’ve just completed a small module I’ve written for Mambo 4.5.3 and Joomla 1 which will make it easy for users to add Link Vault to their sites. The module replaces Step 2 of the installation instructions…

2. The following piece of code includes the links on to your pages, therefore it must be copied on to every page or ideally in to your footer file.

The module itself won’t require any changes – and it will have parameters that control everything – as every good module should!

Link Vault for Mambo and Joomla Sites

The Parameters

  • Module Class Suffix: A standard feature for most modules, giving greater template control.
  • Module Mode: Determines the layout which will be used.
  • Link Vault Folder: The lv folder that has been entered into the Link Vault Account Settings.
  • Link Vault Script: The name of the link vault script which has been uploaded into the lv folder.
  • Count: The number of links to show.
  • Debug Mode: The module will write comments into the HTML with information about how it is calling DisplayLinks, the core link vault function. This can be useful if the test links aren’t working.

Test Sites

    1. Waitakere BMX Racing Club – the CMS is installed in the domain base. SEF is turned on.
    2. Kiwi Blogs – the CMS is installed in a subdirectory. SEF is turned on. (site removed)

      I’ve called the module mod_linkvaultsk with “sk” being me! I’m confident that there will be other modules over time but for now, this does what I need.


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      1. Torkil
        March 30, 2006

        Ah. Most excellent!!! Totally dugg your story on 🙂

        Would love to get some help though, to make this thing work propery. I have it enabled and working in test mode on some pages, but not all. Weird stuff trying to get this thing to cooperate with SEF urls… Think you could contact me possibly? 🙂

      2. rSean
        August 10, 2006

        how about an update to work with Joomla 1.0.10 🙂

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