Mambo / Joomla deal breaker

I haven’t got involved in the politics behind the Mambo / Joomla split and personally I’d like to see them rejoin. I’ve no idea how likely that is. Right now I’m left sitting on the fence, not sure which way to go.

Looking at the minor irritations I have with the current system the deal breaker for me would be the issue of coding standards.

I use tiny_mce to give wysiwyg editing and while I know it’s being replaced it’s still the current standard. I also try to use the static content items to allow admins to edit large blocks of text and present them inside my components.

What causes headaches is that both these tasks require me to use functions from com_content which output html rather than return a string and leave it to the calling program to output. That’s ok for the master function but the minor functions do it too.

So you’ll find in the code things like


but then the page navigation does it properly with

[php]echo $pageNav->getListFooter();[/php]

I’m looking at using templates in my components to further separate the html from the logic (a degree of separation is already in place) but these components rely on the ability to pass strings into them rather than echo out in a piecemeal fashion.

The Deal Maker

The first of the two systems that can demonstrate that the core components are written in such a way that other components can reuse the functionality will sway me – and I’ll fall off the fence!


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