Modern day highwaymen

Lets get this straight, I don’t like viruses and the people who write them are morons, clever but morons. I don’t like or condone extortion but sometimes you have to have a teeny bit of respect for the people who come up with these things.

Take the latest headlines: Miscreants encrypt files, hold them for ransom. Someone has worked out how to get into a system, encrypt files and then offers to unlock them. How much more sensible than just destroying them!

The only problem is getting your money before the authorities get you! I wouldn’t worry about national boundaries – I’m sure the CIA or equivalent will lurve to emulate their supposed behaviour in the movies and let a sniper loose on you. Infact the dodgier the country you live in the more personal danger you are in. I’m thinking Russia, Bulgaria, China and the Phillippines. Don’t expect to live long! An American brat will just rot in jail.


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