Mummy would never do that!

It’s Saturday morning and you’re lying in bed, trying to block out reality, if soccer is cancelled and there’s no netball because of the long weekend then I reserve the right to be slothful and get up late!

So why do I feel uncomfortable by the snippets of conversation reaching my ears…

“Mummy would never do that!”
“Mummy says that’s really bad”

But I kinda get the feeling that I must have done it. So what’s the latest maternal hypocrisy to go under the spotlight?

Gawd, I agreed to take part in an online Colmar Brunton “state of the nation” type survey and in return they’d send me a lotto ticket. Woohoo! Bet they don’t include a line of strike or powerball or whatever it is they go on about on the ads. Still a $5 lucky dip can’t hurt.

Well, the cheapskates, when it turned up in my letterbox not only was there not the extras, as predicted, but it was a $2.40 ticket. Didn’t know they existed!

And my anti-gambling stance is now under scrutiny. I can’t work out if I want to win $1mill or to prove what a waste they truly are 🙂


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