Nude photos shock teacher

Now there’s a headline to grab your attention: Nude photos shock teacher

The print version of the article included a screenshot of the dating page, but to summarise: Small town teacher takes naked photo (raunchy? or one of those “before I started my diet” pics? who knows) and emails to a friend. Someone (the friend?) then doctors a dating website page to include the photo and sends it to the school principal with a complaint.

You might fall out with your friends, but trying to get them fired… now that’s low.
The teacher worked at Kawerau College, that’s a high school – teenagers etc. You’d think the IT teacher would have been able to tell the Principal just how easy it is to doctor a screenshot. Obviously not.

He could not explain how the topless photo had been superimposed to make it look as though it was on the woman’s dating website but the school had ascertained that the photos were not on the woman’s dating page.

  1. Get the nude photo, don’t have one? don’t worry, there are plenty of amateur photos online, pick one that works
  2. Pull up a dating page using the Firefox browser with the Firebug extension installed
  3. Make the necessary changes to the html, reduce the size of the Firebug window and take the screenshot

You could always take the screenshot and then use Photoshop to put in the alternative picture but people are getting very good at spotting fakes manufactured that way.

It’s sad that this young woman has been betrayed by her so called friend but sadder still that the authorities didn’t have the internal expertise to identify how this nasty trick could be played and therefore be one step nearer exonerating her.


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  1. October 9, 2008

    Is the moral of the story to be more tech savvy about how photos are doctored or just not to take nude photos of yourself and send them to anyone? 😉 I don’t think I would even send my husband a naked picture! But then again, any picture I took of myself I would probably Photoshop myself too! It is hard to beliee the IT guy didn’t even understand the concept of photo doctoring and even worse that we lost a teacher when she did nothing wrong. Thanks for your post.

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