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Yep, sure enough, NZ will be voting on Sept. 17th and the Maxim Institute have stepped up with a new website called NZ Votes.

Being good right winged, moral majority types I thought I might find something to do with prostitution on it, following from my blog yesterday (I haven’t even got started on the other issues yet).

Apart from the fact that technically the website is appalling (but I like the design) it fails to cover any of the major issues in any depth. It does have an articles section but no RSS feed for it. A strange ommission. Given that the life cycle of the site is limited it’ll be interesting to see how much effort they put into it and if it actually becomes a useful tool when deciding who to vote for.


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  1. Chelsea
    August 6, 2005

    Interesting. I’ve been looking around for a site like this – this will be my first year voting EVER and to be honest, I haven’t a clue who I should choose. Hopefully this site will prove useful, as you say.

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