Practical Jokers

Jeremy Wells and the savage dogs

The media love playing stunts on each other and these days with the young guns all trying to outdo each other it must be hard to stay on top of the game.

My husband, Andrew, was recently invited onto Paul Holmes‘ new show on Prime where Paul tries to do talk back on TV. One of the callers was interrupted by a dog, who didn’t sound vicious, more like it just wanted attention. Made for very funny TV. I’m guessing it wasn’t one of the pooches in this photo!

Well, it turns out it was Jeremy Wells, aka Newsboy, and son of one of my mother’s set. He’d pulled a similar stunt with some of the radio stations but Holmes was his 1 chance for getting footage to show on his own show. Well, we missed it last night because I wanted to watch Medium – what dribble that turned out to be! Anyway, I would have seen pictures of my husband laughing, over and over, as a man was savaged.

Sorry Jeremy, awfully funny, but savaged, nah!


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