Probation Service Monitoring

According to the NZ Herald the Probation Service was monitoring the paedophile who tried to move to the small town of Blackball recently.

Mr Kokshoorn said the paedophile moved to Blackball from Christchurch about a month ago, apparently without approval from the Probation Service, which was monitoring him after his release from jail.

The department yesterday confirmed a breach-of-conditions charge had been laid against the man.

Mr Kokshoorn said the man – labelled a high-risk offender by the department – should not have been allowed into a community with a primary school nearby.

Oh yeah? Just what does this monitoring look like. Assuming they bought the first house they saw they presumably visited the town before hand, met with a real estate agent, lawyer, bank. What did the monitors think they were doing? Playing monopoly?

There is public sympathy for this man because he has to look after his profoundly deaf wife. I thought deaf people could live independant lives? Perhaps she does, and it was the wife who did all the house hunting, bank negotiations etc in which case the public manipulation is a lie.

One wonders if the monitoring of offenders is more of a “dear diary” kind of thing where you only ‘fess up to activities you want to. After all it took them a month to twig that the guy had moved! I feel soooo much safer, not.


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  1. […] The difference? Mr C’s friends are visible and outspoken, reporting is almost apologetic, it’s not really a crime, it doesn’t really matter. Mr C pleaded guilty when his brave victim spoke out. How many other little girls and their parents have opted for silence? Mr X has no friends or enemies speaking out, just an outraged community that he has been allowed to move into their midst. Well not allowed, just no one cared enough to prevent it. […]

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