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I’ve just discovered a swag of hacks for WordPress by Denis de Bernardy. They’re pretty impressive and highlight for me, in the few lines of code that represent each hack, how little I understand the internal workings of WordPress. Aaah, one day.

The only part I’m using right now is the related posts list at the bottom of the page. It should just be when you see a single post but I’ll get to that later. Before I commit much time to it I need to work out how to make the related posts a bit more relevant. In the meantime it all helps my internal navigation I guess.


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  1. […] I tried out a tag system back in October but found that it generated too many tags and often irrelevant tags so finally scrapped it in favour of the plugins from Ultimate Tag Warrior produced by fellow kiwi Christine Davis (who I don’t actually know ). Her system allowed me to produce a “Tag Cloud” which is pretty cool. […]

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