RSS Feeds as Relationship builders

I found this quote from Metacentric today

“Many people visit your Web site once and never return. Like a holiday romance, it’s nice while it lasts but a poor return on your Internet investment. RSS news feeds stretch your Web site out over time and help build a long term relationship with the people that use your site.”

and it started me thinking that there are two types of bloggers

  • those who only blog
  • those who blog as a sideline to their main web prescence

This is aside from any forum activity, I’m just thinking about the web stuff that you control.

For me blogging is a quick and simple way to increase my web exposure but it’s not the business end of my web profile. So for me, if I can get people to subscribe to my blog then it encourages them to know about me, keep up to date and potentially revisit later on.

I also read alot about how to drive visitors to your site. As a blogger, why is that important? Who is your audience? and, ego aside, does it matter how many visitors you get? For some it will matter because it’s business related but before you go spending hours on your blog be realistic about what you are trying to acheive from it.

Happy blogging, folks


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