Saving emailed images

Most of us get sent “funny” emails which usually aren’t, but sometimes there’s a gem within and you think “I’d like to save that image, it’s cute” but usually you never use it.

My avatar at Digitalpoint forums is one such cutie sent by the infamous “Mark and Richard” of Waiheke Island.

However it started life as an embedded image in the email. Couldn’t save it because it wasn’t an attachment, couldn’t do a save as because Microsoft Outlook wanted to convert it to a bitmap (not good for animated gifs). When I viewed the source all I got was

<IMG src=”cid:004301c5290d$0e52aca0$0401010a@D2T8GC1S”>
<img src=’cid:rainchecklogo’ alt=’Raincheck Logo’ />

So, after trawling through Google looking for the right way to save the images I emailed them to my gmail account where they are shown as regular images with their proper names.

Seems webmail has a use when you’re at your regular desk after all 🙂


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