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I participate in a forum for Real Estate Webmasters and a while ago accepted a link exchange with a site in Singapore.
[singapore property directory] [dreamshelter singapore property] [my profile]

Shortly after that Dreamshelter’s owner posted a question asking why my directory page was doing better in the Google SERPS than his site. I checked and sure enough they’ve been sitting neck and neck for months. Considering I have a single page and he has a large site I find this really curious.

I use a keyword tracker to track the positions and below are two graphs generated and copied from there. I’ll update them every so often.

As of Feb ’05 here’s a wee rundown on the two sites:

  PC Property Manager Dreamshelter
PR 5 5
Pages 674 395
Property Focus Yes Yes
Singapore Focus No Yes
pages with property 189 388
pages with singapore 5 250

SERPs Charts

Singapore Properties

From August ’04 to Oct ’04 my page has consistently out-performed the proper site.

In November ’04 Google seems to have woken up and is starting to place the full site first.

In December ’04 Google decided that my page was more relevant and started placing it first and their fortunes still appear to be aligned.

singapore properties

Singapore Property

The SERPs for these two pages have tracked closely. The proper site has not had the blips my directory page has had and from late October ’04 Google has started placing the site ahead of the directory page.

In Jan ’05 Google dropped the directory page from the SERPS altogether but has recently reinstated it, again shadowing the movements of the site.

singapore property

This page is shown in blue and Google was briefly interested and then got wind that there wasn’t alot of value and dropped it from the top 100.

And now there is a new player, PropertyTalk will be targetting Singapore with it’s Asian property investment forum


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  1. August 21, 2005

    Interesting thread there … well, at the end of the day, web browsers would be able to differentiate the results for themselves. websites will come and go, rankings will rise and fall …. we believe that as long as there is good, updated and relevant content, viewers will recommend your site to others and traffic will come naturally. juz gota be patient … some things cannot be rushed.

    webmasters should spend less time figuring on marketing their sites to the engines, rather ought to emphasize on how to make their sites more user-friendly and better achieve the purpose it was intended for.

    IT Realtor (Singapore)
    – The Next ReAvolution –

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