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June 28, 2007 / Other Stuff

People who do business online frequently have their earnings held by pseudo-banks such as PayPal and e-gold. A problem then arises when the same people need their money out of these pseudo-banks or transferred between them.

The most common way to do it appears to be to find someone who is happy to trade. So A puts money into B‘s PayPal account and B puts money into A‘s e-gold account.

June 17, 2005 / Other Stuff

I’ve been participating in a forum discussion over at DigitalPoint on the topic of sex as a commodity. The views have been interesting and because most of the members are male there’s a definate slant to the conversation.

Lets face it, what guy wants to think that his best feature is his wallet?

April 9, 2005 / New Zealand

I’ve just visited Money island which is being promoted heavily on TV at the moment. I’m interested in the whole field of finance education but that’ll be another posting 🙂

So, I visited and it’s a kid oriented kind of game. First thing is entering your name, cool. It’s all in flash so I can’t give links to individual games.