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I’m a bit of a fan of Nick Bradbury and Bradsoft having first used TopStyle some years ago when first working on the migration of Vantive ( –> Peoplesoft –> Oracle) from desktop to web. More recently I have won a licence through the WeberDev coding contests. I can afford the licenses but there’s something kinda cool about winning them for doing nothing more than giving something back to the open souce community 🙂

My latest “win” is FeedDemon from Bradsoft. I’ve tried a few feed readers, in particular the aptly named Feedreader and Awasu. One of the timewasters when you get a new reader is sorting through the preinstalled channels (which I always install, timewasting, but interesting too).

Predictably FeedDemon comes with Nick’s own blog set up as a channel. I took a read through and after some very clever Dexter cartoons (his own work, obviously Nick is more than a geek! ) I found a thread talking about the political correctness of the name FeedDemon.

I guess it had to be asked but I’m with lonejack, Kayode Okeyode, Ted Tschoppe, Josh Bancroft & co who all figured the name was a play on the word Daemon: a background processing tool – which is exactly what the reader is!

Like them, I’d just figured that Daemon is way too geeky and had been shortened to Demon. Being more liberal I hadn’t considered that it might be offensive to the swelling USA “moral majority” but don’t worry Nick, there are enough of the rest of us to still make your business a success.


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  1. May 17, 2005

    Just read Nick’s latest blog entry announcing that his company has been bought by Newsgator. Read more about Newsgator buying Bradsoft.

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