Title Tags give SEO advantages

Title Tags are hugely important from an SEO perspective because Search Engines use them to identify the major focus of the page.

They are, however, frequently overlooked when coding up new modules as they can be hard to integrate with modularised headers.

Mambo makes it dead easy.

[code]function myfunction()
global $mainframe;
$title = ‘whatever’;

// Dynamic Page Title
$mainframe->SetPageTitle( $title );
This is a cut down function but it shows you the required global variables and how to pass the new title.

Search engine spiders will rank the title wording in this order: from the first title word to the last word placed in the title. If your industry is competitive you might need to consider grooming the $title that you display so that “noise” words are ommitted.

Other useful mainframe functions

  • addCustomHeadTag can be used if you need to add a link to a javascript class just for the page being served, or a special class
  • prependMetaTag and appendMetaTag which will add information to the standard metatags. The content component uses these when you add meta information via the standard component editing tool.


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  1. Basicus
    October 12, 2005

    Thanks for a well documented peace of work. The script works very well.

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