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I’m working on a new project at the moment, it’s an intranet type thing so no point in linking to it, but I’m using CakePHP and thats been really interesting. Definately RAD, supposedly simple but it’s got so many really good features that while it is simple, it can be hard to discover the genius.

For instance,

  1. $this->flash controls post save redirects, but doesn’t do the actual redirect if you have debugging turned on. You have to dig out the default template to know this though.

DigitalPoint remains the number one forum on the net, as far as I can see and I’ve recently been made a moderator. It actually changes the way I use the forum and it’s really very interesting.

Christian Mezei owns SEOPedia and a free directory WebXperience – and he has big plans for that.

When I was looking for the domain for this site I started out with Danny’s suggestion tool – looking for SEO type domains. It’s a great tool, and potentially generates affiliate income – only problem: it’s GoDaddy and while I’ve purchased domains and SSL through GoDaddy they’re not my #1 registrar. Once they fix their PayPal problems that may change but until then…

And for a bit of controversy there is a campaign going on in England over a local Council failing to notify the community about it’s plans to redevelop a park.

Saving the Springside Trees

Having lived in the UK for 3+ years I know just how valuable those parks can be. When you’re living in a tiny (by NZ standards) terraced house with no backyard you need to be able to get out to somewhere beautiful. Even if you’re just a kid kicking a ball the aesthetics and wildlife of the local park do provide a positive impact.


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