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What a blast from the past. I was gabbing with Mike about another post here and the subject of wave skiing came up.

This was a big passion in the late ’80s and forced me into sobriety and good behaviour. Can’t quite understand it really as few women competed so getting a first or second was kind of like “well you turned up” but I was having fun and I guess my liver will thank me for it someday.

I started out with a hollow fibreglass ski and still own my supa dupa PSLP board from the Mount. I’ve got the wetsuit too. I was sooo skinny then, if only I’d realised. I wouldn’t even try to put it on now.

Just as I was leaving NZ on my OE a grommet called Dave Mitchell, and his brother, from Christchurch came on the scene – and it seems he’s still about and still creating quite a stir.

I spent 3 or 4 months cruising round Europe with a girlfriend (on bikes, never one to do it the easy way) and my board sat in the tiny entrance way of my sister’s Brompton flat. For a girl who always looks perfect and prefers Covent Garden to Newquay I thought she was very generous. Her friends must have thought it was hysterical – these two worlds colliding.

In those days our biggest worries were finding airlines that were reasonable with sporting equipment. I’m not convinced the Australian woman Schapelle Corby is innocent but if she is – then you have to wonder if she’s been framed as a single victim terrorist attack to further damage the Balinese tourist industry? How do you ensure that your bulky wave ski bag isn’t tampered with? Empty the thing out in the middle of the baggage hall before proceeding to customs?

This is making me want to go and find a wetsuit that fits!

Ref: Waveski.info


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