I’ve become a Hurricane chaser!

I was just checking the shouts on Fibs when someone posted a link to a Japanese weather site with this image:

A japanese hurricane?

In the wake of Katrina in New Orleans that has to be a most startling and horrifying image for the Japanese people. Given the density of housing you’d have to guess that the ability to evacuate would be hampered – and where to. The country is long and thin and this thing looks to be aimed straight for it!

We’ll be watching from down here – and hoping that it changes course, or burns out, or something!!!

Map of Asia



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  1. September 4, 2005

    It’s getting closer and the eye seems to be less distinct! What does that mean?

  2. September 5, 2005

    Looks like Japan will be getting a battering, but that the cyclone is headed west to China.

    China reels from cyclone, floods, quake

    BEIJING, Aug 15 (Reuters) – A tropical storm killed two people when it roared into southern China and floods in the industrial northeast destroyed hundreds of houses and left nine people missing, state media said on Monday.

    Tropical storm Sanvu swept ashore in China’s south coastal province of Guangdong on Saturday, bringing down trees and billboards and sending telephone boxes flying, as the heaviest rain this year inundated northeastern Liaoning.

    Japan, monday afternoon

  3. September 6, 2005

    What does it mean now that the eye is no longer so visible?

    The eye has gone?

    and here’s an alternate view (source)

    a global perspective

    I’ve just hunted around and found the BBC weather forecast for the region

    the actual weather forecast

  4. September 21, 2005

    Well that one finished without any real fanfare or news reports so while it looked impressive I’m glad that it passed without harm.

    A friend has posted some photos from the ground on his site.

    Hurricane Katrina

    Lets hope “Rita” doesn’t undo the hard work of the people striving to repair their lives.

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