Bloggers warned about law in Capill case

I’ve written here about the Graham Capill case, the double standards and the media reaction to bloggers. But wait! there’s more: Bloggers warned about law in Capill case.

In this article we have quotes like

Professor Burrows said he has seen plenty of comments on blogs which breach the law, and added that authors could face legal action if they are traced.

Well, that makes me nervous, for starters they’ve tartgeted David Farrar‘s blog which I’ve commented on and that doesn’t give me the options of editing or deleting my posts.

And I’ve made comments in this blog so do I have to scrutinise what I’ve said incase I’ve said something out of line? I haven’t blogged to the extreme that I’ve thought, or talked with friends. My thoughts are my own, and the words are gone once the sound waves die but the spoken word hangs on and influences the thoughts of the people I’ve spoken to, that might change their next conversation and so a pattern of thinking can spread through a community.

Could my spoken word be taken so seriously? I don’t know the man, his family, nor his victim. I don’t practice any religion and I’m not into politics. My thoughts, stated here or elsewhere, are just those of a parent in NZ.

And as a NZ citizen should I be having to guard my words (spoken and written) incase I talk out of turn and say something that could be twisted by a legal mind to appear outside the law? I don’t believe I should!


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  1. July 2, 2005

    Here’s another side to the story. A site called vBwebmasters had someone clicking maliciously on their adsense ads.

    This is a bad thing to do because a) the site earns money they’ve no right to; b) companies pay for clicks that have no chance of earning them revenue. What’s interesting is that vBwebmasters have been slighted and they have no comeback. Sure Google have made their own decision and reinstated them but the site owners have no recourse against the culprit.

    I don’t know if that’s right or not, and I’m sure there are alot of legal issues, but the information gathered must be shared.

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