BlogParty’s latest Incarnation

Mike Dammann from BlogParty is one of those people with infectious optimism and energy. His blogs are spawned all over the web and I lose track of what, where and why.

BlogParty now seems to be just a blog, with the forum moving back to it’s domain. Lets hope the hosting is more reliable than some of the others used!


So, to try and drum up some attention, he’s offering $250 in a prize draw for bloggers mentioning BlogParty. The only problem is that by blogging about it you’re likely to increase the number of contestants and reduce your chances of being picked. Damn Dammann!


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  1. February 24, 2006

    Thanks, Sarah! Had to drop by and say hi when I’ve seen your entry. The old days of bad hosting are gone. Blogparty won’t die. Things are going well and only getting better. Once again, thank you for your support. Feel free to take advantage of your admin status whenever you are at the forum 🙂

    Mike Dammann

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