Winning feels So Good!

My children have just decided that they want to enter the BMX Nationals at Cambridge this Easter so we had a big flurry to get the qualified as there were only 4 NQM race meets left and we had to do 3! It’s meant two weekends full of travel to races, standing in the heat and dust – and that’s just us! They have to do alot of hard work.

Thanks to Nancy James they’ve got alot of subtle changes to their bikes and she switched the gearing and coached the kids on the start ramp etc. My wee fella had a good day out at Sunset Coast Waiku on Saturday but really got squeezed and felt uncomfortable at East City on Sunday. He was racing with full gates of 8 boys and found that intimidating – the difference between training and racing. He’s got the legs and the spirit, now he just needs the experience.

My girl, who is UCI9, went like a rocket both days coming a solid 3rd (of 5) in every race on Saturday. Smaller gates help 🙂 Sunday though, she started with a second and we thought she could catch the girl in front and have a battle. Well, she pulled it all out and roared past her at the start and from there it was all over! What was magic was how you could see how thrilled she was to win.

These days schools try to reduce the competitive element but I reckon learning to win and to lose is so important. I didn’t discover winning until well into my teens, and I reckon rousing a bit of killer instinct earlier would have been a really good thing.

So, way to go Charlie, we’re terribly proud.


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