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June 8, 2006 / Other Stuff

Sunsilk have harnessed the power of the chat bot with a range of Wingmen. All very Top Gun, I reckon.

Wingman: David Hassle

According to their pop-quiz my perfect man is David Hassle [chat with MY wingman]. In theory, perhaps, after all I grew up on Kit and Knight Rider… According to a MySpace page they’ve set up he’s only 18. Now we’re talking!

I don’t know if it will catch on with my age group but the kids who love tamagotchis will probably love this.

June 4, 2006 / Shoemoney

Some time ago Jeremy Schoemaker sent me some Shoemoney tShirts, they took a very long time to float across the Pacific Ocean, so long in fact that I thought he must have changed his mind 🙂

So, imagine my surprise when they arrived. I got my Mother to take a photo with amazing Bream Bay as the backdrop but all I got was blue sky and clouds. Humpf.

May 25, 2006 / Shoemoney
May 16, 2006 / Other Stuff
May 3, 2006 / Other Stuff

At the v7n forum an enthusiastic programmer decided he wanted to build himself a FSBO website for the UK market. Only he gave his site description and when other forumites came back with warnings that the FSBO market was pretty tough and cornered by the big realtor franchises he obviously had no idea what FSBO stood for!!!

FSBO: For Sale By Owner, usually real estate.

It’s a term that is catching on as the industry grows and while it’s not in common conversation yet if you are planning a business you should at least know the catch phrases of the industry.

Now, I’m as guilty as the next person of throwing up a website and having a go. But if you are planning for this to be more than a hobby, for it to be a proper business then it’s essential to have a written business plan…

April 21, 2006 / Other Stuff
December 21, 2005 / Other Stuff

One of the key problems with the internet is the fact that you never get to really interact with the people whose services you are using. This might mean a company or person is misrepresented, either to their benefit or detriment. Chat rooms amplify the problem on a personal level but all “clicks only” present an image that may, or may not, represent reality.

Google is trying to overcome that problem within it’s own company with their Google Space initiative – a retail type stand at major UK airports. They’ve rightly noticed that at airports you have “dead time” with little to do. Shopping isn’t always a great idea but surfing, checking email and forums just might be.

September 21, 2005 / Other Stuff

I never expected to paraphrase Star Trek’s Dr McCoy – but there you go, there’s a little trekkie in all of us waiting to get out.

I sat down last night and watched Downsize Me, one of the latest reality shows leading us mere mortals out of the darkness and into the light of good living. We have parenting programs, makeovers and now lifestyles. Who ever thought healthy living would make good TV?