Who said chicks don’t blog!

I stumbled across Jack of All Blogs today, in particular Move over boys, we are pimping out the blogosphere. Girls, it’s worth a read! Are we quietly just getting on and doing our thing – or are we being walked over.

Now, I can’t imagine the other SarahK, Summer or Andrea being walked over… nor Cathy Odgers (come back, we miss you!)

Cathy is quoted over at Kea Blog as saying:

What motivates you to write/keep a blog?

CO: It helps develop and maintain your written skills. Which in turn helps me earn money. I used to write 1000 words every two weeks in the BVI back home to my friends. I found it helped with written communication at work. Now I can churn out 1000 words in less than 30 minutes. Reading and writing are very important skills. You should practice both as much as you can. Blogs that just repeat news are a waste of time. You should be writing your own retort to an event that has happened or about to happen. There is value in that. I dislike blogs that seem to be written by dyslexics. Not that there is anything wrong with dyslexia but if you have not got it do not pretend to be dyslexic by having a shit blog. It is a reflection on your own ability to write. It’s like having tits. If they don’t look good – hide them. Can’t write – don’t blog. Simple.

and I dig her attitude to life. Shame I didn’t archive some of her blog before she deleted it. It was great stuff!

But the point JOAB was making was that we’re not visible enough. We don’t shout out from the rooftops. Is that a confidence thing? or just the way we do business generally?

The two fave bloggers JOAB comes up with are a sex writer and “PR Business Strumpette” with a dubious collection of personal photographs. While they may make guys sit up and listen I wouldn’t feel comfortable reading them, especially with the kids around! Summer flogs the skin, but it’s tasteful, kinda.

If women are going to sit up and be led it’s sure not going to be by someone from that kind of background. JOAB needs to realise that the vast majority of women don’t want porn (or anything close) on their screens.


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  1. May 18, 2006

    Jack of All Blogs is being over dramatic…Drama King!

    That quote from Cathy is so right on. I couldn’t have said it better myself =).

  2. June 15, 2006

    Betsy Weber from TechSmith sure knows her stuff. Its a corporate blog, so you know the focus is going to be “in house” but it’s the right mix of information and standard blog.

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