Using a News Feed with Joomla and Mambo

It’s easy to add a newsfeed to a Mambo or Joomla website. The normal place for them is on the right hand column of a 3 column layout. In this example we’re doing just that.

  1. To get started login to the admin panel
  2. Click on Modules, then Site Modules and you’ll get a list of all the modules you have installed.
  3. Click on the New button – no need to select a type or copy an existing module, New will do it all.
  4. Fill in the new screen with the required information.
    Using a News Feed with Joomla and Mambo
    (click to enlarge)
    Leave off anything that doesn’t make sense – all the necessary fields are shown in the screen shot – except the cache option – I recommend you turn that on.
  5. Save and check your site


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