It’s Church Jim, but not as we know it!

I never expected to paraphrase Star Trek’s Dr McCoy – but there you go, there’s a little trekkie in all of us waiting to get out.

I sat down last night and watched Downsize Me, one of the latest reality shows leading us mere mortals out of the darkness and into the light of good living. We have parenting programs, makeovers and now lifestyles. Who ever thought healthy living would make good TV?

I’ve long thought that the rise in networking groups, industry associations etc were as much about motivating you to keep on track and stay motivated as they were about passing on information or having an industry voice.

Throughout history leaders have brought people together regularly, usually under the guise of religion, for their regular (weekly) dose of thought control and motivational pep talk so that they will stay true to the values the leaders espouse.

Now I think it’s really no different. People are concerned that families are without traditional support networks and that parents are too tired / stressed / poor to parent effectively. People don’t go out to church, the traditional community doesn’t exist as more families have both parents working, and the range of activities broadens. In particular, attendance at Churches of all types are declining so people are missing their dose of morality, and pledges to live well for another week.

Solution: bring the support to them. Have super nanny remind them each week that it’s as simple as kneeling down and talking to your kids, a bit of time out and a few more cuddles.

So, while the watchdogs have been concerned that TV has made us immune to violence and is instrumental in the decline of society, maybe now it can redeem itself and help to support and raise us up.


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