Australian Blog Spammers

I just got spammed by an Australian crowd with this on their own blog…

Blog spammers
For all those newbie blog spammers out there that are looking for top blogs to spam, well SearchEngineBlog has a link to the top500 blogs in the world.

Proceed with caution as most of these blog will spot a spammer from a mile off.

but what I found quite interesting is that while they host their own blogger blog on their own domain if you click on the comments link they are managed through another domain! Curious!

Austalian Blog Spammer


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  1. September 27, 2005

    It appears that the spammer worked for the company which owns the promoted site as well.

    I emailed the contact on the promoted site and got this reply. The final paragraph (omitted) questioned the details given by the spammer. Atleast they were only harming themselves, and not a real client…

    Hi Sarah,

    Please accept my apologies for the spam comment that was added to your blog.

    We had an incident last week where several NZ sites were spammed by one of our employees, and we since then tried to contact each site owner to make our apologies.

    Unfortunately I wasn?t aware that your blog had been ?spammed? until today.

    Could you please send us any info you have regarding this comment such as IP number, tie, the comment, the email address, and the website, so that we can ensure that it was the same person who made this comment.

    We have strict guidelines for our staff on what is acceptable when adding a comment to a blog on behalf of a client. In all cases the comment should be relevant to the blog entry, it should also add to the discussion, and the email address and website should always match. If all these criteria are met then I believe that we are positively contributing to a blog rather than ?spamming?.

    They can take my word for it, it was spam. Virtually identical comments on posts that bore no relation to each other.

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