The Transformation

I read this a few months ago but have been putting off writing the review. Catherine Chidgey wrote this novel and I was drawn the serenity of the cover.

It was hard going to start with, hard to really get absorbed into the book which is set during the settlement of Florida. As a historical review of the times it is interesting and the central characters were certainly well developed.

The central character makes “transformations”, wigs to you and me, and wrote a book on deportment and manners for young ladies under the female disguise. Due to distance and the times the publishers never met their best selling author and this draws parallels with today’s society. With the internet people are able to communicate with others more quickly and intimately than they were able to 50 years ago, yet because of the distance and expense they may never meet. Identities and reality can be masked by false qualifications, false recommendations. We think we have so much more information, when in fact, we may have less.


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