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Earlier this year I agreed to participate in an online research panel and they started off on the wrong foot. I got their latest request today so thought I’d do it straight away. The topic was weight loss so I was vaguely interested…

What weight loss products have you heard of? By weight loss products we mean any medical treatments recommended by a doctor or pharmacist, exercise and diet regimes, weight loss programmes (through the use of books, groups, clinics, videos etc), shakes, protein drinks and so on.

Please type in the space below all those that come to mind.

I’m 38 years old, I’m female. How many years do they think I’ve been out in society being aware of my environment?
How old was I the first time my Mother tried and abandoned Weight Watchers? No idea, but she’d been on drugs and all sorts by the time I was 18 and she tried Jenny Craig.

So in 30 years, say, I’ve heard about 100s of products, regimes, companies. When I was feeding my babies I’d sit and watch endless infomercials for ab-blasters and who knows who else.

Did they honestly think I was going to wrack my brains and list even a small portion of them. Get real!!!


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  1. Kelly
    October 7, 2005

    I totally agree about your comments on the clique thing, I too have fallen into answering asinine comments on which I find to be totally irrelevant and time consuming. Good on you!

  2. April 6, 2011

    From the silly email category I received this from Teej Mclaren this morning.

    I find you quite insulting sarah. Did you bother to ask any one in the market research field why those questions are asked that way? NO clearly not. But then you are from your profile in the real estate industry so expecting nothing less than stupidity from an arrogant mole is of no surprise to me. And I hope you teach your child better manners than you have. Your field (an arrogant field is not the only one out there.

    My reply


    You are freaking out about something from 2005?

    And yes I have and no, I haven’t had a satisfactory answer.

    Perhaps you need to re-read what I’ve said and just bear it in mind. Do you really think a 38 year old can truthfully recall all the weight loss products they have heard of. To do that would literally take an hour or more. I don’t know how you think that could be useful data.


    So “mole” is still used as an insult? I thought that went out in ’81 back when I was in the 4th form.

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