Core Needle Biopsy


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  1. D.M.
    September 24, 2005

    I had this procedure 1 week ago and it went very smoothly. Only slight discomfort during the numbing procedure, which was done in 3 stages, going deeper each time. I did feel an odd sensation when the suction was activiate, but no pain. I did have some discomfort, more of an ache, really, after the anesthesetic wore off. It was well controlled with Extra Strength Tylenol. There was some residual bleeding when I was sent home, but if soon stopped. The pain continued for 3 days. There has been considerable bruising, and I can feel a hard lump where the tumor was. I assume this is a hematoma, and will resolve on its own. It is bothersome, though, as it is sore. Overall, I think the procedure went very well and I am glad that I had it done in this manner, rather than through an out-patient hospital setting. Within 48 hours I had the results of the biopsy, which confirmed a preliminary diagnosis of fibro-adenoma. I would recommend this procedure to anyone in the same situation.

  2. September 24, 2005

    Hi DM

    I had to look up fibro-adenoma – I’m glad that’s all it was!

    A fibroadenoma is a benign (non-cancerous) solid lump of tissue. It is thought to result from increased sensitivity to the female hormone oestrogen. It normally has a rubbery texture, is smooth to the touch and moves easily under the skin. For this reason it is sometimes called a ‘breast mouse’. A fibroadenoma may be painless, or it can be tender or even painful.

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