Culverden Retirement Village

Residents Of Retirement Village Told To Pay Up
This news article is a couple of months old but I’ve just watched a doco on TV3 about it and it’s quite shocking. The residents are suffering financial abuse at a time when they can’t afford it.


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  1. April 11, 2006
    Pasifika Retirement Village

    How tragic to see this company in the news again over the closure of another retirement facility!

    According to an article in the NZ Herald article Ministry moves to close rest home

    The Ministry of Health has moved to close a rest home and hospital after a series of surprise inspections showed substandard care.

    The Director-General of Health took the unusual step of cancelling the certification of the Culverden Group rest home in Mangere, trading as Pasifika Centre and Hospital, a decision the rest home owners say they will fight.

    The 100 mostly elderly and Pacific Island patients now face a move to other rest homes, 15 months after concerns were first raised.

    The ministry said although Culverden had been given time to upgrade its care, concerns remained that improvements would not be sustained.

    The elderly are vulnerable, especially when it comes to their homes and the place where they feel secure and safe. Even more so when they are sick, poor or both. That this man, an ex religous Minister, continues to prey on them is disgraceful.

    The best we can hope for is a quick sale and new management so the residents can stay in their “home”. Given that the rest homes and geriatric hospitals are closing and not opening that seems unlikely.

    For the record, these are the companies owned by Ian Anderson. If you have friends or families in a facility owned by him you might want to investigate their standards and financial practices.

    The companies which Ian Anderson owns

  2. May 4, 2006

    The NZ Herald continues to paint a distasteful picture…

    Delays may have been fatal for rest home patients

    By Claire Trevett

    Patients at an Auckland rest home may have died prematurely because of delays in calling for medical help or other inadequate care.

    A report from the Ministry of Health’s inspection of the Culverden Group rest home in February noted patients in distress were sometimes left for more than a day before a doctor was called.

    The report found that staff were confused about their responsibilities and there was no evidence of ongoing training. Last month the Ministry of Health’s outgoing director-general of health, Karen Poutasi, cancelled the certification of the Culverden Group rest home in Mangere, trading as Pasifika Centre and Hospital, because it constantly failed to meet required standards.

    That meant the facility would be closed and its patients sent to other rest homes.

    But it effectively gained a stay when Culverden’s owners lodged an appeal against the ministry’s decision. No court date has been set to hear the appeal. The ministry report was released to the Herald yesterday under the Official Information Act.

    It included details of four Culverden patients whose deaths were brought to the attention of police and the coroner, including:

    • A patient who died of traumatic cerebral haemorrhage after a fall. He was not seen by a doctor until 12 hours after he first showed some discomfort, and seven hours after he became semi-conscious. The doctor ordered him to be taken to Middlemore, where he later died.
    • A male who was not seen by a doctor until a day after complaining he had pain on the left side of his face and was having trouble breathing. Once admitted to Middlemore he was noted as having a “gross lack of oxygen” and died soon after.
    • The ministry’s inspection team noted the care given to the patients may have been inadequate.

    “The care of all patients noted above are an indication that the staff lack the necessary skills and ability to note significant changes in signs and symptoms exhibited by these patients that should signal referral to a doctor.”

    Dr Colin Feek, the deputy director-general of health, also noted in his recommendation for the cancellation of Culverden’s certification that staff care might have contributed to earlier deaths.

    He noted “a review of two patient files suggested the needs of two residents of Culverden had not been met and appeared to have resulted in premature death”.

    Culverden Group directors Norma and Ian Anderson are not discussing the issue publicly.

  3. Jeannette Malpas
    September 19, 2012

    The end of it all:
    Receivership: Guardian Trust calls receivers into Culverden Retirement Village
    Company: Culverden Retirement Village Ltd
    Directors: Juan Rodriguez, Mangere East
    Receivership date: 22 December
    Receivers: Justin Bosley & Andrew McKay (Corporate Finance Ltd)
    Appointed by: The New Zealand Guardian Trust Co Ltd
    Other details: Mr Rodriguez was appointed director of Culverden Retirement Village, replacing Ian Anderson, Orewa, and of a new company, Culverden & Associates Ltd, in February 2011. Hes also a director of Radio Austral Ltd. Ian & Norma Anderson remain registered as shareholders of Culverden Retirement Village and Mrs Anderson is a shareholder with Mr Rodriguez in the new company. Craig Young & Raymond Burgess (Restructuring Services Ltd) were appointed liquidators of Culverden Retirement Village on 1 April 2011. Mr Anderson put Vida Investments Ltd into liquidation (same liquidators) on 7 March 2011 with a multi-million-dollar deficit remaining after its assets were sold. Mr Anderson is a director of Culverdencare Lifestyle Village Ltd (removed from register 26 July 2011), Culverden Group Ltd (Southern Cross Building Society called receivers in in February 2010; this company owned a Mangere resthome & hospital, which was forced to close in January 2010 and was sold later in 2010), Culverden Services Ltd (wound up June 2010) & Dovecote Villas Ltd, and resigned as a director of Vida Villas Ltd in April 2010.

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