DIY Adsense Ban for your competitors

I’ve always thought that Adsense had the best tools for picking up on click rings etc and fraudulent use. I particularly like how they string bad users along to garner the really damning evidence.

I was surprised, though, that their tools didn’t show that DigitalPoint was being targeted by disgruntled ex-users of the forum. See A 3rd Party CAN Get You Banned From AdSense for the blow by blow account.

Effectively all you have to do is set up gambling sites and use your competitors adsense code.

There are rules though… (I imagine)

  • never click the ads yourself
  • never visit the admin pages of the sites from an IP that you log into any Google service from
  • have whois guard turned on for the gambling domains you register
  • never mention those domains in any blog posts, tweets, forums etc

Which all sounds like too much hard work to me.

In the meantime if Google wanted to let me loose on their tracking systems I reckon I could find the culprits in no time at all because I don’t think they will have followed the rules at all!

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