Fuzzuck: sane and sensible SEO, for a change!

Some days I feel like the internet marketing world has gone mad so it was a relief to find Fuzzuck.com, a straight shooting, ethical search engine optimization blog.

Fuzzuck is run on WordPress so it is comfortable to use with a nice clean theme. The latest post is Self Service Links and Why I Hate Them. I wouldn’t say that I “hate” them* but I do despair of the hordes who are selling services around exploiting them. They definitely shouldn’t be the mainstay of any link building campaign.

Outbound Links as a Signal of Quality? looks at the impact the links on your site have on your position in the SERPs. A client of mine owns The Paepae and has benefited from this quite by accident. He refers to other blogs and gives his sources – and in turn Google rewards his natural linking habits. I couldn’t agree more that it helps to have solid outbound links on your pages – but they need to be relevant and perhaps not too “perfect”.

So What Happened to Mike Siwek? takes a step away from the totally serious and looks at how an article about Google search has totally hijacked one man’s name.

Fuzzuck isn’t a blog you’ll return to weekly or daily but it is one to bookmark for when you are doing a bit of study or revision – checking out the latest thinking and so on. Its got hits on DMOZ and a great hint for directory owners which, with a bit of automation, wouldn’t impact on your workload. Fuzzuck has been around since ’06 and has stood the test of time. The advice is as clearly thought out today as it was back then. Its worth a bookmark and checking back on.

* Ironically my latest experimental page makes it easier for those hordes.

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