Emergency Sex

As my kids would say: “Made you look, made you stare, made you lose your underwear!”

Emergency Sex
May 2006: well, it’s a year since I read this book and it was fantastic. And relevant. And has shaped how I view the news and the events that I’ve read about since.

The book follows the fortunes of the three authors as they work with the United Nations, first in Vietnam and then to other hot spots. Heidi comes across as flaky but you know that a) she was probably very good at her job and b) they still needed people working at her level. Ken seems solid, reliable and nice while Andrew is just a marvel and how any person could hold it together after what he had to do in Europe and Africa is amazing. We need people like him, and we need them to know just how much we appreciate what they do.

Towards the end the grittiness turned from fascinating to unpleasant and then back to fascinating. If I could just get the mental images out of my head…

This is, however, a recommended read.


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  1. Sam
    February 15, 2007

    The authors worked in Cambodia, not Vietnam

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