Zapping your margins on day 1 of development

I was just cruising through my morning newsfeeds and found 2 articles on managing CSS files. I use TopStyle so that makes it easier but you can still end up with large files to scroll through.

  • CSS Flags deals with putting comments into the stylesheet in a manner that makes text searching easier. Useful but I’m not sure what would happen when I run stylesweeper through the file.
  • Modular CSS talks about having different types of CSS in different files and @import-ing them into a single file which is then called by the page. Personally I think this approach is more natural and consistent for a programmer.

And the “find” from the second article was a funny little item on Global Whitespace Reset – an excrutiatingly simple method of setting all the margins and padding to 0 and then rebuilding. The bonus for the small amount of effort – you are in total control – and total control is so often lacking!

As you read down through the comments you will see some negatives, and they are worth considering – however I also think it may just be worth an experiment or 2 🙂


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