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I was just taking a look around digg.com and found a handy wee tool to generate FavIcons. I’m a big fan of these, they’re a nice finishing touch to a well designed website.

I’ve been using IconEdit Pro, v6 and it does the job well, although I note from the site that they’re up to v7+.

So, I trialled this online version and was very impressed.

It even comes with the snippet of code to put on your pages. Ofcourse if you’re using Mambo or any other content management system it would pay to check where the existing FavIcon is sitting and just replace the file. Most of them come with one.


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  1. Chelsea
    August 16, 2005

    Wow, thanks for that link – that’s really nifty!

  2. August 17, 2005

    It’s fun and so easy. Glad I found it. Here’s a new favicon I made just now for Waitakere BMX

    an example favicon

  3. August 21, 2005

    I’ve seen another site like this, but that one is well done also – nice find!

  4. tony greene
    December 12, 2006

    Pretty nice generator.Always wondered what was used to create those items.

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