Oh the irony, Google doesn’t like being spidered!

There’s a delicious irony when the site that we expect to spider our sites doesn’t like to be spidered itself.

I’d run a search and then opened each of the results, worked through them and flicked to page 2 and repeated. I then went to refresh page 2, not sure why, and got this lovely little “are you human” check.

google-bot-checkWhy, yes I am! and it let me proceed.

Now, this doesn’t affect me in any way, if I have to occasionally enter in a captcha it’s not a big deal.

Has anyone had any problems because of this?



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  1. September 17, 2014

    I run an automated tool that goes out and fetches the keyword rankings for my sites about every day, i check upwards of 50-70 keywords, up to the 30th page, i have to enter a few Captchas along the way.

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