Indexed in less than an hour! #1 for a month!

SEO experts despair! I launched a small forum recently and as I mucked about at Open Source CMS trying to decide which software to use I renamed the test category “SH20 Activists”.

Open Source CMS refresh their test systems every hour so I know that the forum lasted no more than 60 minutes, and probably considerably less!

Yet, search Google for the phrase and up pops their demo forum at #1

search google for sh20 activist

If anyone had any doubt about the ability of a well established site to kick butt in the SERPs then this must surely remove it.


  • PR7
  • PR – unranked but recently cached
  • PR – unranked but recently cached

Luckily I don’t actually want to rank for that phrase, and my forum is doing very nicely. I have a client who changed domain and they still have a large number of links pointing to their old site. Google still give the old site back links, PR, and SERPs after 8 months when surely Googlebot must have realised that it’s moved!


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  1. […] The trigger was a new site called PopURLs which is basically a single page aggregator of some of the major feed sites. Nothing radical there but down the bottom there’s the opportunity to post a link yourself. Given the OpenSourceCMS experience I had to check it out and submit a link. […]

  2. […] A while back I mentioned how a short lived forum demo lasted months in the SERPs. Another effect I’ve found with new sites is that the sites you use for dropping links will kick butt in the SERPs for a couple of weeks until the search engines fully index and propogate the results around the data centers. […]

  3. September 12, 2011

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