‘I have never had to rape any woman’

So says an accused rapist in Mount Maunganui this week.

The statement leads one to wonder “who has HAD to rape a woman”. On the grounds of free will, etc, that we enjoy in New Zealand no one is obliged to commit a crime. Even in Pakistan they’re learning that community leaders can’t order others to rape.

I have no idea of the truth in the court case being tried, but my thoughts would be that an immature, drunken girl might be egged on to a gang bang late one night. But the same girl would be highly unlikely to take her lunch break and agree to one. It’s all down to the time and the place.

And then when the defendant confuses his success with the ladies with a need to rape you know you’re dealing with mongrels.


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  1. June 7, 2006

    I forgot I’d put this in my blog. Well, the men involved in this case turned out to be police officers. Scary stuff – and have been through one other trial, with another one happening at the moment – all with different women in different towns.

    It makes you wonder about the psyche of some people that they can be so rotten yet appear to be so normal.

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