The ICC kills cricket

The ICC disgraced themselves in January be threatening to penalise the Sri Lankan cricket team if they returned home early from their NZ tour – despite the fact that many players were from areas devastated by the Tsunami.

Now, they are threatening our team if they don’t continue with the tour to Zimbabwe. The problem is not new (although it is escalating) so you have to wonder how we allowed ourselves to be committed to the tour in the first place. However if we now decide that the political environment is abhorrent we should be allowed to pull out.

I very much doubt that Mugabe will be at all concerned about the complaints of a bunch of white boys but you never know.

So, this summer, when my wee fella drags out his cricket set at every opportunity I’ll still play with him, but I won’t be encouraging him into the sport formally.


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  1. July 1, 2005

    NewstalkZB have this poll at present

    Do you think the Government should stop NZ Cricket going to Zimbabwe and pay the resulting fine to ICC?

    and the vast majority have voted in favour.

    Well I don’t. The Government should stop them going but the ICC fine should not be paid – by anyone! and certainly not out of my taxes. Stuff them! I’m happy for us to be kicked out. Maybe it’s time to review our involvement with an organisation focussed on socially and politically incompatible countries.

  2. March 15, 2007

    I just cant understand why we are stuffing around with these regimes. Whats worth more…Human Rights or a game of cricket?
    I am from Aust & board of cricket of any country should take a bloody good look at their attitude.
    We invade Iraq & ignore African tyrants????
    Go Aussies…The world cup is on now!!!

  3. March 16, 2007

    Because if they didn’t there would be nobody to play with and they have a vested interest in preserving (promoting) their game.

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