If you spam Google will catch up with you.

Google changes the rules constantly… and I like that. I like that they work hard to deliver good results and they have the people on board who are smart enough to know spam when they see it.

There are alot of people running scared after the latest round and they’ve discovered that all that comment spam they paid for last year is a penalty this year.

Now, I can’t remember why, but I approved the comment from Simon complete with the link back to his site. Maybe I thought a Greek water filter company was genuine? Obviously not.

Because I use a recent comments box the link back to his site appears on every page of this blog.

Because I don’t blog frequently I don’t get a large number of comments so his blog stays as comment #2 for much longer.

I wonder how many emails like this one are doing the rounds and how much the SEO guys are charging for sending them.

I reckon they can stay. These guys knew last year they were employing comment spammers, and they should have known that sooner or later it would bite them in


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