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We had the music channel on this evening and MC Lars was on with “Download this Song” which I thought was a pretty good blast at the record industry.

I was particularly amused by these lines

Hey Mr. Record Man
The jokes on you
Running your label
Like it was 1992
Hey Mr. Record Man,
Your system cant compete
Its the New Artist Model
File transfer complete

Because back in 1985 when I was in my 1st year at University and we were all copying music on tape (CDs were only just coming in and no one I knew had one) I would rant and rave about how ridiculous it was that I couldn’t get a good quality compilation from the record store that was my design.

Eventually Napster came along but the industry is still fighting the technology… and the people who are trying to drag them into the future

Music was a product now it is a service

Is that such a bad thing? After all isn’t the story that George Lucas got paid very little for producing Star Wars and was fobbed off with the merchandising rights because the studio couldn’t see the opportunity. Maybe the labels just need to open their eyes and see the possibilities for profit that lie untapped – just around the corner.

MC Lars - Download this song

And if you want to follow an amusing story of the MPAA and how they deal with (alleged) illegal downloads read the posts in Shawn Hogan’s blog.


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  1. June 26, 2006

    from Metroactive

    Word Freak

    MC Lars raps literary, keeps it surreal

    MC LarsAndrew Nielsen to the DMVis an English major at Stanford and aspiring rapper. He just finished his junior year, concentrating on 19th-century American authors.

    It’s great to have a rapper who isn’t ashamed to be nice or bright.

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