Nintendo Wii ranking dilemmas

A while back I mentioned how a short lived forum demo lasted months in the SERPs. Another effect I’ve found with new sites is that the sites you use for dropping links will kick butt in the SERPs for a couple of weeks until the search engines fully index and propogate the results around the data centers.

A couple of weeks is no biggie and eventually you’ll pop out on top. The thing is, you drop the links from sites you know are indexed well because they’re going to help you and quickly.

So, I was amused to see, on a forum I frequent, that one site owner was requesting link exchanges and a site review for his Nintendo Wii site. A good move – get attention, feed back and inbound links all in one, well two, goes.

The funny part comes a bit later when the owner realised that the forum was ranking higher for his keywords than he was and this temporary effect was intolerable. He’ll be calmer now that his site has popped up – boosted no doubt by the forum with he was both using and competing.

The lesson…

must surely be that SEO takes time, and patience. Yes, links from reputable sites are vital and because they already have PR and credibility with the search engines they will rank well for your keywords initially. It’s a small price to pay.


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  1. September 4, 2007

    This issue has arisen a few times since I posted but today I had an interesting twist on the problem.

    A chap registered the domain “authority” in July of this year, presumably to cash in on Google referring to sites as “authority sites”.

    It’s done well and is sitting at the top of the serps – however there’s a glitch! Because the word “authority” is used in general SEO discussions it’s going to be used to refer to many sites and not just this one directory.

    So, when a thread starts at digitalpoint titled Authority Directory Banned By Google? there was ambiguity – was the writer referring to the site called authority directory or a directory which is an authority? It turns out it was the latter but you can understand his concern. When it then turns up in the SERPs he asked to have the thread renamed!
    A sure case of needing to be careful what you name your site and being aware of how your carefully targetted keywords may be used!

    Google SERPs for Authority Directory

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