Newspapers & TV News: for fun or facts? Their role is changing!

We get the NZ Herald delivered and its a staple part of our morning and in the evening we watch the news. Their role is steadily changing and they need to respond.

Go back 10 years and there weren’t the “fun sites” and social networking of today. If you wanted oddball humour you had to go looking for it. Today it comes in a constant stream through Facebook and Twitter.

I can get the latest news the same way but I tend to scan headlines and short articles preferring not to read lengthy text onscreen.

So what, precisely, do I want from a newspaper or TV news?

I expect depth and insight from a local perspective. Interviews and analysis. Leave out the winner of American Idol – if I cared but missed it, I’d check online. Leave out singers who divorce. Its all froth and no substance. Instead, give me more world news and international politics.

On the flipside you have guys like Jeff Dowler who doesn’t “get” social media. He’s probably happy to have fluff with his traditional news media because he’s not getting it anywhere else.

What about you?


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