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After checking out my blog neighbourhood the other day I thought I’d also share the other kiwi blogs I read…

  • First up is David Farrar with his kiwiblog.co.nz site. He updates at a fiendish rate and attracts alot of comments. If you do post don’t think his site is broken when it takes forever to process. It’s a quirk, it works, but it does make you insecure. You can feel better by seeing all the repeat posts from other people who also thought it hadn’t worked 😉
  • Russell Brown (Public Address) is a favourite from the days when I’d listen to bFM on a Sunday morning and the world would stop while he did his bit. Always witty, always succinct and always saying the things you couldn’t quite say outloud but had been thinking.
  • Deborah Hill Cone is a recent find. She writes for NBR and caused quite a controversy over an article on a certain property investment seminar company last year.

I’m not big on blogs just telling the day to day stuff, and these are more a commentary on what is happening in my part of the world.


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