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Just occurred to me that it might be a good idea to have a post pointing back to the main part of my Sarah King site.

The code snippets and articles on the site aren’t meant to be exhaustive but to explain points that that I can’t find elsewhere. I participate in the forums at Weberforums and phpBuilder and will be forever grateful for the help they’ve given me over the years as I moved from html newbie to a PHP developer.

I was luckier than most because by the time I got involved in web development I had years of programming experience so it was just a new language I had to learn.

Most of the time the answers to posts are quick and simple or you can simply point the user to another article or the manual. Other times it’s not so easy – and that’s how pages like my database refresh via an iframe example came about.

Because forums use signatures not only do you get a warm fuzzy for helping out but you get SEO advantages too 🙂


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