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My name is George French and I am the owner of http://www.somesite.com.
We are very interested in exchanging links with your website at http://www.pcpropertymanager.com/.
Exchanging links will increase search engine rankings and website popularity.

If you are interested in exchanging links, please add the following details to your website and click the approve link below:
Website URL: http://www.somesite.com
Website Title: Polaris Living – Golf property in Spain
Website Description: Property for sale in Spain. Voted Spains No.1 property investment.
Polaris golf resort
Polaris sports resort

Oh George, you and your cronies use the exact same script. I see other variants, some more formal, some so very “familiar”that I’m sure we’ve met 😉 But the message is always the same. If you’d really visited my site (as many claim to have done) you’d have seen the little resources hyperlink in the footer menu. Dead giveaway, I reckon. And then if you’d found that you would have looked to see who else was in your category – which competitors have beaten you to it – and then you’d have seen the handy-dandy Submit your site link at the top of the page. And surely, rather than trawl around and find 3 different email addresses from around my site to email me at, you’d just submit your site. Ofcourse you would George. Only you never visited did you? You just use some nasty SEO company who have indexed my site and deemed it useful. In your case the match is quite good, frequently though it’s way off.

Then you have to feel sorry for Dave

I visited your www.botspotter.net/botspotter/bs-1051.html website, and
think that it would be of interest to visitors to our site,
http://www.somesite.com. We work hard to make it interesting to our
visitors, and we get hundreds of visitors each day. You can find our
link to your site at http://www.somesite.com/links.htm, in the General

Who is so impressed by a spammy deeplink on one of my sites that he wants to link exchange. And he hasn’t seen that every page on that site links to one of his competitors. Infact, it’s so blind that a day later we got our standard 3 emails sent directly to the competitor.

So, potential link exchangees…

Visit my Property Investment resources directory and find the right category, or suggest a new one. I do, really, value your submissions.

I don’t list everyone and there’s an automated acceptance email sent to anyone who gives an email address.
If you are a member of the Real Estate Webmasters forum give your username, that way I can follow up with you there if your email ever fails.

If you want to see who I’m listing so you can solicit more links yourself you can subscribe to the directory’s RSS Feed.


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