Statements aren’t questions!

How often in a day do people tell you things, expecting you to comprehend the hidden question?

A simplistic example

My kids and their mates then come up to me (and I shouldn’t take these philosophies and practice on them but…) and say things like

“I’ve finished my juice”
“Mmmm, so you have”
kid looks at adult, adult looks at kid
“I’ve finished my juice”
“I can see that”
kid looks at adult, adult looks at kid
“Can I have some more juice please?”
finally, a question… “Sure!”

Since I’ve put my radar out there I’ve realised how often, and for how many people, we take their statements and assume there is a hidden request – and even try to fulfil it before it’s asked.

And in reverse, I’m careful to make sure that any requests I have are clearly communicated. It makes everyone’s lives much easier 🙂


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